Adsense Manager

Adsense Manager


Job Description

We are looking for a very skilled and knowledgeable Adsense guru who can spend a few hours every week tweaking our various Adsense sites and optimizing them for maximum advertisement revenue for us as publishers. The manager will help us with the following:

1. Using the right tools (like Google Adsense Preview tool etc) Identify low CPC ads being served to our site , fine tune the ads by using ad blocking, and hence improve the CPC and eCPM/RPM of the site.
2. Help improve the overall CTR by reviewing both our regular and the mobile site. You will look at the ad placement, ad types, sizes, colors, number of ads, and will advise on the steps to improve the CTR.
You MUST show recent experience and success directly working with high traffic adsense sites.

Please include your Skype id in the cover letter to be considered immediately

Note: Please note this is NOT and SEO job. Those offering SEO services will automatically be rejected.