Wordpress / Onpage Expert

Wordpress / Onpage Expert


Job Description

I am seeking another reliable wordpress gun.

your first assignment will be to look at www.bensbackyard.com.au which I will be broadening its scope with view to optimizing the site to rank for targeted terms for areas local to where i live.

The site has optin forms which are linked to aweber and complys with googles PPC guidelines (important as we also run paid ads)

You must understand rich snippets - aweber and seo plugs.

Firstly i need you to tell me how long it would have taken you to build the site had i provided you the content.

Currently we really only have 2 pages - one which is the root page for gardening services and anothe for high pressure cleaning.

We have about about 10 product pages which will have there own lead form and then we will want to drill down to have suburb pages for each product page as this will assist us with rankings as long as we are ontop of the onpage .

to be considered you must tell me in you rown words what I am looking for.

You must have skype/ talk clear english and have 100 plus hours on odesk

I also own over 20 other sites.

Skills: english

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