Dinosaur 3D Modeling


Job Description

We need someone who can create hi-resolution, detailed models of dinosaurs. The models will be based on images that we will provide.
- Experienced in Maya, 3DS Max Design, Blender or equivalent
- Create photorealistic 3D models (no cartoon or animation)
- Ability to model 3D animals, insects, cars and other objects from photographs

We are creating 3D models in a variety of categories that we can then 3D print. The designer may be required to make multiple revisions as we test the printability of the model.
Model Requirements:
- Photorealistic image (no animation/cartoon models)
- Delivered in a VRML, FBX or OBJ file format
- Must be a solid, watertight model with no disjointed parts.
- Models are aprox. 75 mm3
- No portions of the model can be thinner than 3mm (objects printed thinner than 3mm are very fragile)
- Model must be static. No rigging necessary.
- Full color