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SEO Expert


Job Description

I have requirements for someone to update the social media campaign for one of our customers.

Facebook Updates - Daily up to 30 mins of new stock / specials and to answer customer questions - if you do not know the answer an email should be sent to the store owner verifying details, in which you will then update the facebook page accordingly.

Blog Update - Write a Blog entry of 500 words once a week on anything related to saltwater fish / aquariums, can use reference sites such as reef builders etc.. this would need to be posted on the website as a blog entry and then linked to facebook.

Mailchimp - Update Weekly Mailchimp on Wednesday evening once website has been updated of new stock to send out to current customers on mailing list. Design better mailchimp template based on current website design.

You will also be provided weekly emails of current customers email addresses which should be added to mailchimp.