UI/UX Designer for Web 2.0 Computer and Mobile HTML5 Site

UI/UX Designer for Web 2.0 Computer and Mobile HTML5 Site


Job Description

I have a new website project I would like to create. I have a lot of ideas for this project and the development could go on for a very long time but I have stripped down the idea to the most basic option for version 1. Once version 1 is released I would like to complete further development towards what I would really like this project to be.

I created a requirements document which is a basic walk through of how the website should work. You must read the requirements document to place a bid on this job, it is attached to this job. I want to make sure I am looking at people who are able to create this UI/UX.

I am looking to create version 1 at a rapid pace and I will be setting milestones to hit and complete. Prior to accepting a bid I will want to discuss the project and make sure the person has a full understanding of the scope of work.

I am looking for the bids to include what front-end framework you are planning on using for this project. I want a clean and eye candy type UI so users have a good experience interacting with it. This is a requirement for submitting a bid.

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