Atmel AVR AES firmware development

Atmel AVR AES firmware development


Job Description

I need programming for a AES encryption project based on the atmel AT32UC3A3256S micro. The atmel has a built in crypto accelerator that will be used and all encryption is done on the device. there are buttons on the device for key entry and LEDs for mode display. there will be some added functions for security, programming, and user modes. the device is self-contained and needs no computer or computer software to function, all code & functions are on the atmel micro.

Atmel studio 6 will be used for development. Atmel Studio is an extension of visual studio.

We have the hardware here. you will be able to use the hardware debugger via teamviewer to help with development. I will be able to fully assist in debugging and I will work with you in the development of this project. we are hiring IMMEDIATELY for this project.

Skills: debugging

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