Animated Video Producer For Landing Page

Animated Video Producer For Landing Page


Job Description

I want a .flash video (or better format if the developer recommends another video format file type) to be created for the landing page of our website that has yet to be created. The video will use animated 3D graphics to creatively demonstrate our company's 10-step process (noted below) to clients. I want the video to be about 30 seconds, animated in 3D and I want it to be very creative! I want the video to end on a 3D logo of our company (which you will need to create because we don't have one!) We do not have a logo yet so this is a major part of the project. We will want a Photoshop version of the logo (and .jpeg and .png versions) to be submitted along with the video. Our contractor will need graphic design skills as well as animation/video production skills. Please submit your bids and your video portfolios.

Our company's name is Rawles Web Consulting, LLC. You will need this to create the logo. We also go by RWC!

Our Process that will be highlighted in the video.

Step 1) Understand the Client’s Background

Step 2) Understand the Client’s Marketing Techniques

Step 3) Understand the Client’s Needs

Step 4) Begin the Two-Way Conversation

Step 5) Offer a Customized Solution

Step 6) Develop a Partnership

Step 7) Begin a Web Project

Step 8) Complete the Web Project

Step 9) Evaluate the Project

Step 10) Provide On-Going Support

Skills: video, producer, marketing, design, graphics