Create a Template Defence Game


Job Description

Important Note: This is just one screen we need some one to develop for us. Once developed, we will plan for the Full game (but, we can't guarantee this at this moment). Game Screen:I attached a puesdo game screen for a better idea (Have a look at it). In the Game screen, we have to arrange following things: 1) Roads (should embedded with the bezier curve, the reason for this you will understand while you are developing game) 2) Some small size Missile Launchers (shooting effects are your job - see the left bottom side of the attached game screen) 3) Sounds (it is your job- some dummies sounds available freely ) 4) Soliders running on the road (Soliders run on the road using the bezier curves automatically when the screen shots ) 5) Some arrow shotters (Only you should code arrowing code, arrow sticky code) This is maximum we require. We may add upto another 3 requirements (it is optional, we may add or not) in the same sample game screen (no more screens only this one screen). Mandatory Tool: 1) To develop this screen, we want to use the LevelHelper. If you have any other mind you can discuss with us) 2) Cocos2dx - should run well on the iPhone, Ipad and Android (Armv6 and ARMv8) Submission: 1) According to our estimation, this work can be completed in 5 working days. If you feel not, please discuss with us. 2) You have submit code, show us successfully running on the IPhone, Ipad and Android (Armv6 and ARMv7) 3) As one of our team member will be working with you (he will not involve in your work of list above), you should be a co-operative and help him up if required. Images: This game screen need not to be professional. So, you can use dummy images (should look good ofcourse) or if you want we can provide to you (depending on the work load at that time.) About Us: We are a gaming and mobile application group in the Auckland, New Zealand. This game screen is our first step to enter into the defence games market. If every thing goes well, we will provide initially two full fledged games to you (We cannot promise this now only).

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