Entry Level Programmer needed with ecommerce experience

Entry Level Programmer needed with ecommerce experience


Job Description

This is an entry level job - must have good education and some experience though.

Hourly Rate: $1.00 - $3.00 per hour

If you think you deserve more, you may be right but this is not the job for you.

Wait - Don't apply till you understand what we are advertising.

And don't send us a canned cover letter. It will be reported as spam. We would like to get to know you. So spend some time to understand what we are looking for and then see if you would be a good fit.

Our outsourcing business is growing and we are adding new contractors to our agency every day. We have room to add at the entry level. If you are just starting out or are new to odesk, then please apply.

Before you agree, think about it first. Do you think you will be comfortable working with an agency? Some love it because they don't have to spend time bidding any more, the agency does it for them. Are you one of those?

In order to work on our projects, you will have to join our agency as non-exclusive contractors. We are sure you are familiar with the agency / contractor relationship but just in case, the Odesk files have a ton of information on the subject at:


We are trying to establish relationships with good responsible programmers for future projects. Please don't expect to start on a project right away.

Start your application with the word 'I am willing to join an agency'. We receive way too many spam applications.

In your cover letter, tell us if this makes sense to you. Do you think it will be good for both of us? If you are an agency and don't mind working with other agencies, then feel free to apply.

Please note: We interview short listed candidates via Skype. Make sure you have a working microphone. No chat. If you don't speak good English, don't worry. We are multi lingual and quite likely can speak in your language.

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