Photographer who can provide the photos of swimming

Photographer who can provide the photos of swimming


Job Description

We call for photographers who would provide us a number of photos of swimming as seen in the following link.

If it is unpublished/unpresented work, images can be your past works. You must attach your portfolio link or sample photos with your proposal.

Applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

1. You may take photos of swimming.

2. It can be past works if they are unpublished.

3. You would shoot 100 photos. Please shoot various images.

4. We will buy out each photo at the fixed price of 1.5 dollars. If you need extra fee such as studio rental fee or model fee, please suggest your proposal amount including these extra cost.

5. The copyright for the purchased photos belong to us.

6. Images must be converted to JPEG when you would submit.

7. Ideal resolution of the photo is those with the width or height of more than 5000px, or at least more than 4000px.
Please state in your proposal at what resolution you may be able to shoot.

8. Downloaded / distributed photos from internet are strictly examined. In the case of violation, we shall take legal action.

9. We may not buy photos with quality /copyright/privacy that do not meet our standards and requirements.

10.When the subject include a person, you need the approval of that person/model in order to distribute photos on internet. We do not take any responsibility in this regard.

11. Whoever submits photos of high quality might be asked for the long-term contract.

12.*How to deliver/post your works:
When you are ready to provide us your photos, we will first review your works to check them through, so please send re-sized photos via file-sharing service such as DROPBOX, or any other file-transferring service to our e-mail address.
After our review, we will ask you to send the original photos at high resolution.
We may not be able to buy out your work if we find any problems.

We look forward to meeting qualified photographers!

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