need custom article editor approval workflow system for Joomla 2.5

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Job Description

Hello everyone. I need to develop a custom article editing workflow for a medium sized joomla 2.5 site. here is the workflow that i need.

1. an editor (50-90 editors total) logs into the front end and can access a set of ACL restricted articles that they can edit and update using an off the shelf editor like JCE.
2. the user submits the article to one of 10-20 approvers that they can choose from to submit their changes to for approval before they go live. the article is in a pending state until approved.
3. an email is generated to the user and the approver allowing the approver to either approve through email or log into the front end of the system and have a one click approve or deny posting the article.
4. upon approval, the article goes live and replaces the current article and an email is generated to the editor and approver showing approved status. upon denial, an email would be generated to both the approver and editor stating denial and reason and the current article would stay live and not update with the denied article. i would also need a version history with simple version restore (10 versions)

i would love it if two or three editors could have access to edit each article as well if possible

is this something you can assist me with?

thanks so much