Safety light curtain 3d simulation demo

Safety light curtain 3d simulation demo


Job Description

To get an idea of what the product is and how it works please youtube 'safety light curtain demo'.

Also, click on the link below to get information on the product.!light-curtains

The product itself is a safety mechanism used in machinery. It's used to protect against bodily harm.

It's made of of two yellow rods which shoot infrared beams horizontally and diagonaly (crossmatrix).
When an object ,usually a body part, passes through the crossmatrix, the light guard shuts down the machine for safety reasons.

What I'm looking for is a simulation showing a hand or finger going through the cross matrix and a way to make it show that the safety light guard stops the machine. Maybe having red lights come on would do the job.

Since the safety light curtain works when adjusting one the rods by as much as 30 degrees I would need at least one more angle to show such.