Wordpress homepage edit

Wordpress homepage edit


Job Description

website http://www.mellow29th.com/miw1/

Please see this picture http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/1682/bigonepic.png

1. On homepage there's a lot of blank area i would like to add some information to fit the page
- move the whole page more right
- Add news and events box on the left of slider (the news box is like http://www.bandai-asia.com/newsite/index.php)
- Put 5 clickable icon on the right of slider i will send the icon
- Put around 10 icon on the side below news and events i will send the icon
2. I feel that the website is fit on height because the facebook like box should be longer but it can't .
3.The dropdown menu doesn't look right want to fix it