Outbound Telesales from the Philippines


Job Description

MAXIMUM BID of $2.00
Prefers applicants from Luzon
IMPORTANT: Please reply to the preliminary interview questions below.

Expert in soliciting New Accounts (Quota will be implemented)
Checking if the service delivered is within expected.
Follow up paperwork for the clients.

* Work schedule would be from 9:15 AM CST until 1:15 pm CST Monday to Friday.
*Proven track record in sales.
*Natural in sales pitch.
*High marks in telephone etiquette, customer service and outbound marketing. Has call center experience handling American accounts. Those who worked for in the medical field are excellent.
*Good English speaking and people skills.
*Detailed oriented, good memory, smart, reliable, perfect attendance, punctual, patient (manual calling - no predictive dialer), decisive, enthusiastic, speaks with authority and can work in fast paced environment.
*Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

*Must have excellent computer service provider (PLDT connection at best). Has an excellent connection to call the United States.
* Reliable computer.
* Has a quiet working area (no background noise from all sorts - transportation, people or animals).
* Lives in a flood free neighborhood.
* 3 weeks trial period.


a. Are you from the Philippines? If not, do not proceed with your application.

b. Have you worked in the the health field?

c. Did you worked on a quota?
Have you been meeting your quota?

d. What is your internet provider?

e. Do you experience flooding in your area?

f. Do you experience power interruption regularly? If yes, you can withdraw your application.

g. What are the reasons you have been absent from work from your previous employment?

h. Why are you looking to do home base work?

i. Please paste here a link to a time zone converter. You would use that for your interview schedule.

j. Describe your work habits.

k.. Check if the rate in your profile is higher than the amount being offered. If yes, please explain why you are applying for this position.

l. Please provide a voice recording sample in mp3

m. Do you have pets? or do your next door neighbors have pets? Do you hear rooster in the morning? Do you hear the public transportation passing by from where you live?

n. Please share who and how many are the people in you household.

If you pass this preliminaries, you will be interviewed asap. Please check your inbox regularly as turn around is quick. Please provide a skype.

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