Custom Recode and Cleanup


Job Description

Job Requirements: De-obfuscation, Code conversion from java over to C#, Clean-up and optimization of converted code, Finding and programming equivalent java libraries in C#, Converting some code to function as DLL files, and will require the team to supply working code for testing on a regular basis.

What is expected: Constant communication with my POC in charge of programming, clear estimates for time required and cost, provide a clear job outline and time frame, Adhere to provided time line and provide in depth reasoning for any deviation from said time line.

What will be provided: You will be given some partial coding to finish, all java files for given project, all contact information for client side POC, clear guidance of expectations of server and any additional functionality to be added to provided coding.

All other details will be discussed with each applicant prior to any decisions on contract acceptance. The cost provided is only a place holder you will only be required to submit a accurate cost and time estimate after receiving and reviewing all files.

Please do not apply unless the following is met: have a large enough team to complete the project quickly, meet all coding and proficiency requirements.