Assistant for International Health Entrepreneur

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Support personal and professional life of Michael Hagen.

Help him to be organized, productive, professional, and balanced.

Be cheerful, happy, positive, motivated, encouraging, and set the pace in terms of high standards & outstanding work.

Time schedule: he tends to do most of his work from 12pm-11pm central USA time zone. Manilla, Pilipino time is 13 hours later. So you would need to be able to do an occasional Skype meeting then. This would only be a total of a few hours per week.

Some tasks/skills he will need help on:
- accountability and results focus
- organization
- effective communication skills, social skill, relationship gifting
- developing and maintaining
- relationships - gifts, thoughtfulness, planning fun events
- travel arrangements
- managing social media
- random tasks
- creating flyers, newsletters, marketing
- concierge services
- Using APPS like dropbox, evernote, omnifocus, zoho crm, zoho connect
- Need a smart phone, good internet, good with technology

4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
Tony Robbins
(familiarity with their work is a plus)