Looking to build couple of my websites

Looking to build couple of my websites


Job Description


I am a Wordpress lover, this one of the few reasons I have chosen you out of many, and the price is just affordable enough for my projects.

My first website I am looking to run is http://empowernetworkcampaign.com/ (It's for a closed membership only and not for public)

This website www.simple2advertise.com, is where I buy my ads for my online network marketing business.

After buying ads, most of the members including myself, finds it very hard to get ads (Banners, landing pages and call to action e.t.c) posted and it cost too much to post as well.

I am a subscriber to this site http://simple2advertise.com and will issue you a temporary code, so you can have a clear insight on what yourself and I will be working with and how we can both layout the plan.

Like I said I don't want a duplicacy of this site http://simple2advertise.com. The two owner are memebers of the same group.

Just to give you the idea, being in the online marketing or network marketing, I would like people in my closed membership group, able post any adverts they would have bought from simple2advertise.com. or other places as long they are logged in with their membership details (Username and password).

Please, check this other website for buying ads (https://www.apsense.com/) for sample of what I will like.

Now, I am going to be very nice to you. should we get into business together, I don't normally do this, but hey got to look after the ladies. Here is the deal and what I am going to do for you, If the job seems a lot, I will pay you a bit more or lets say $10/hr, comapre to what you have already requested on your oDesk profile; which is $5.56c.

The second website is not going to be until later, after finishing this particular one, obviously in another job posting or project.

Looking forword to working with you..

Kind regards,