PPC (Google Adwords) Virtual Assistant

PPC (Google Adwords) Virtual Assistant


Job Description

We are looking for a smart, creative, and efficient Virtual Assistant to assist a lead PPC consultant with Google AdWords campaigns.

As a Virtual Assistant, your roles will include:

· Creation of visually stunning Display Ads that grad the customer's

· Placing conversion tracking and remarketing codes in HTML

· Creation of pivot tables in Excel for data analysis

· Providing keyword research and keeping up with industry trends

· Researching competitors and preparing reports on competitor

· Redesigning landing pages on Hubspot CMS (also using HTML/CSS on Hubspot platform) in order to optimize for conversions

· Resizing and editing images using Photoshop or InDesign

· Tracking down legal high-quality images for use on website

You will be working with our lead PPC consultant to optimize conversions through Google AdWords. While you will not be handling the day-to-day bid management, you will be responsible for implementing directions and instructions from our lead PPC consultant (i.e. this will involve creating landing pages, A/B testing page content and ad copy, research etc). Your input, recommendations or contributions will be welcome to all campaigns.

This is an ongoing part-time role.

When applying, please state your history of:

1. creating display ads
2. optimizing and redesigning landing pages

Examples of both are welcome.

Skills: analysis, research, management