Port Win32 app+installer to OSX 10.5+

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have a Win32 console application + installer that needs to be ported to OSX 10.5+ (Intel 32-bit). Here are the specifications for the Win32 application:

- command line/console only, no GUI
- language: C#/.NET 3.5
- uses the following libraries:
- Apache Thrift for client-server communication (http://thrift.apache.org/)
- NUnit for unit testing
- Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper for creating scheduled tasks
using the Windows Task Scheduler
- calls a portable install of Imagemagick convert.exe to process JPG files
- registers a custom snaphappi: protocol handler to launch the app
- permanently saves a GUID per device (NOT per user) to registry
- this GUID must remain unchanged when the app is uninstalled or updated
- has a combined WiX installer (http://wixtoolset.org) for install/un-install of
- Win32 application,
- portable Imagemagick convert for Win32, and
- a cross-platform Adobe AIR .air application

The final application must provide equivalent functionality and installer that runs on OSX 10.5+. Additional notes/requirements:
- run on 32-bit Intel OSX 10.5+
- bundle/install the following apps in the native installer
- a portable install of Imagemagick convert
- a cross-platform Adobe AIR .air application
- use NSAppleScript to find/upload JPG files directly from the iPhoto library
- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8401054/read-from-iphoto-library-programatically

- Applicants should be able to provide samples of previous work on both Win32 and OSX platforms
- must use Github for source code management

Skills: .net, apache, management