Software Development Collaborative Development Program

Software Development Collaborative Development Program


Job Description

We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of an application. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows:

Premise: Collaborative Development Software with text. Downloadable as well as web based.

Content: Create first half of project with the following functioning goals:

1) Create multiple consecutive pages that can text can be inserted into and as well as drawn on with mouse or tablet (finger)

2) Ability to have step-by-step audio and video guides off screen that can be edited and toggled up with examples dependent on page.

3) Ability to remember history of changes (text and drawn) from start

4) Able to see entire all pages on one screen and able to zoom in and edit on each individual page.

5) Ability to add notes and changes in different colors to pages based upon different users.

6) Multiple users able to interact simultaneously.

7) Chat feature so different users are able to interact via the page and chat.

Have at least 3 years of software development experience and software delivery format experience. (web and download)

For completion of this project, please have this up and running on a development webserver I can access to test its functionality as described.

To verify you have read the requirements put the title “I’m Real” or the words “I’m Real” at the top or the heading of your message. If you fail to do so I will assume you have not read or comprehended the project description.

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