Fullfillment Expert


Job Description

I am a business owner in the United States. I am having a product manufactured in the US.
Once this product comes off of the assembly line I need a plan/infastructure to get this
product to customers who order my product online or business that order my product.
I am particularly interested in individuals who have done fullfillment before.

Right now, website & marketing things are taken care of. We do not need help in this field.
We need help with the shipping/wearhouse side. We need someone that can interview fullfillment
companies and find a contract that makes sense.

Work will include consulting and advising on best practices for getting my product shipped.

Additionally, sometimes direct contact with a fullfillment service will be required.

If there are any questions let me know. I am looking for experience and understanding.
A positive consideration will be to those who have a vision of what they want to accomplish. I need
to have confidence you know what you are doing.

Important: Send any description of any experience that deals with fullfillment.