Transcribe one piano piece from MIDI file -- but there's a catch!

Transcribe one piano piece from MIDI file -- but there's a catch!


Job Description

I have about 25 solo piano pieces of medium complexity (new age -- nothing classical) that I'd like to have transcribed to sheet music. But this job is just to do what I think will be the first, and hardest part, for just one of those songs. But if it goes well, I'll want to do the rest.

It sounds simple:

- I will provide a MIDI file and a link to where you can listen to the recording.
- You will provide a file with that represents the notes in standard piano notation. Just the notes -- don't worry about phrasing, dynamics, layout, etc. (I can work with Finale, Sibelius, or Noteflight, but prefer MusicXML for portability.)

But here's the catch:

I don't record against a metronome. So while this song follows standard 3/4 timing, you won't be able to simply quantize and load it into your notation program. You will have to do something clever to normalize the tempo first and then import it or do the notation manually.

Cubase can apparently help with tempo normalization, but I don't use Cubase. (See There might be other tools out there that can do it, but I'm not familiar with them. So in applying for this job, I'll want you to give a little explanation as to how you'll go about solving this tricky part of the problem.

I'm attaching the MIDI file to this posting. You can listen to it here:

And if you do the work well and the price is right, I'll send you more jobs in the future!

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