Management of Multiple laptops, one disk image prefrably in Luniux

Management of Multiple laptops, one disk image prefrably in Luniux


Job Description

We have multiple laptops, that we manage for our bands. They have audio backing tracks on them, to be used live, as well as software to play them.

We also use 'mixmeister' and have DJ mp3 songs on them, again to be used at events.

We need someone who can create a disk image that can be used across the multiple machines. It should restrict everything for the user, except for the purposes above. It must be impossible to remove tracks from the laptops unless the user is an administrator.

Internet access should be restricted except for purposes which help with the maintenance or deployment of new tracks, if this is to be done remotely.

It must be easy to set up a new computer.

It should allow us to easily and quickly deploy new backing tracks/mp3 songs across multiple the multiple machines. Ideally this could be done remotely.

The machine should also be configured for maximum stability. It's critical that tracks do NOT skip, even after extensive use.

We are also considering using 'showmagic' to play the backing tracks, as we may want to use DMX lighting in the future. therefore it'd be ideal if the laptops could run showmagic, again in a very stable way.

We are considering using something like Ubuntu, as this is a free operating system, however we are unsure of how stable this platform is for the purposes set above.

Currently we use Lifebook A series laptops.

We are based in wimbledon, so it'd be a bonus for someone who could come into our offices to demonstrate how to install a new system on a new laptop, and to help us test the machines.

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