Develop Web Quickbooks

Develop Web Quickbooks


Job Description

Need a developer who can work with quickbooks and integrate the following.

To create a web application that integrates with Google calendar and QuickBooks.

Calendar - scheduler format to estimate work and need to enter date, time , address and description
email - need to solicite work to internal employee mailing list using template format
Geo map - need to intergrate mapping to identify employee location
Search employees - search by name, zip city or state
Search customer or company - search by name, zip city or state
Web interface and compatible to desktop and mobile devices - browser interface and desktop interface
Approval/decline - once work or job is approved or declined submits info to quickbooks

looking for a tool to help manager scheduling/dispatches/invoicing, must sync with quickbooks 2012 / google.calendar.

Need to access tool via mobile device, web, desktop enviroment.

Using pre-filled fields, Need tool to add assignments, customer's projects to quickbooks, upload to google calendar, select employee, date, time brief description.

similar to :

review below:

Dispatched is dispatching software that includes scheduling, work order entry, detailed customer information, QuickBooks integration, and more. Dispatched is dispatching software written by the service industry for the service industry. If your company has service personnel in the field, Dispatched was designed for you. Dispatched features drag and drop functionality with easy to use interactive capabilities allowing the entire office to communicate.

Some specific features of Dispatched include:

Detailed Map showing location of all work orders, crews, and job status.

Simple to use scheduling calendar featuring multiple views.

Find and Search capabilities allowing users to search for information, even if it is only partial information.

Real time mobile capabilities allowing field technicians to receive work orders, fill out work orders using QuickBooks items, total an invoice, print out a receipt, capture the customer signature, collect payments, and send all information back to the office while in the field, in real time!

Highly customizable views allow for multiple dispatchers, multiple companies, and multiple locations.

Service agreement, preventive maintenance, and warranty management.

Built in reminders.

Built in email capabilities for reports, job status, notifications, and more.

Ability to auto generate service calls from your web site.

Real time GPS option.

Customer Equipment and Asset Management including service history.

Notification of office personnel and field technicians regarding work order status or high priority customers and more.

Dispatched allows business owners and managers to know where their business is at any time. In short, Dispatched allows you to Know Your Business.

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