Making a digital book for a company

Making a digital book for a company


Job Description

I am looking for some to make a digital company book. A book that tells the companies story among other things.

I will make a thorough briefing. And most content: text/visuals/logo/pictures will be available. Most work is to make a set up. And some design wishes I will have.

It will not be a huge book. The number off pages have to be decided. I will be able to let you know this in 1,5 week.

What I need is:
1) have it build in digital magazine form
2) pictures to be photo shopped
3) creative translations together with advise to make the magazine outstanding
4) interactive en responsive and modern design is needed (not to much). Here you can vind some example books:
5) graphics and design to be made (there is allready a basis), masks/effects those sort of things.

Please respond on this job, by answering these questions, in this other and numbers:
1) telling me why you meet the requirements
2) how you would handle this project
3) what advise you would give me after reading this briefing
4) give example books, magazines ore other design (only really good ones)

This is going to be my first project for making a company's book. More will follow in the future!