Help me find a job!

Help me find a job!


Job Description

I am trying to help my wife find a job. She is relatively new in the country (Australia) and her English isn't perfect yet. So far she has found it quite challenging to find a job in her industry, in fact anything other then waitressing.

I want you to help her find a job - I've written her CV, I've tried to help her find opportunities online but I only have so much time I can devote.

You will help her with the following:

1. Brush up her CV if need be
2. Research job opportunities online based on her preferences and experience
3. Shortlist new opportunities that are well suited
4. Help her write cover letters
5. Apply online/via email and help her get interviews

I will pay a flat fee for your assistance plus bonuses based on appointments and a final success fee if she lands a job in her preferred field thanks to your assistance.

To be considered:

1. You must have some experience in the field
2. Must have experience helping others find work
3. MUST have fluent English
4. Will be very advantageous if you already know the job sites in Australia

Contact me with your cover letter to be considered, anything that resembles spam or recycled letters will be ignored straight away.

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