Mozzarella Copenhagen


Job Description


my name is Matteo, I'm working on an entrepreneurial project in Copenhagen Denmark. I'm going to produce in Copenhagen Mozzarella cheese.
The is going to be Mozzarella produced with ecologic Danish milk and using traditional Italian methods/techniques.

I will need a Logo and a Visual Identity for my product. The Logo will also be on the package and the visual identity will have to be displayed in the shops and stand (in Copenhagen there is a sort of food-city/high quality food market where we already rented a stan. I will need to crete some banners to cover the stand area in order to transport ideologically the customers back in time in Italy)

Values of the brand and product:
- Danish Milk: It will be the best ecologic Danish milk. it's a streght for the product because Danish citizens are really proud of their milk and consume it in large quantities.
- Italian traditional methods: I would like to enhance the idea of tradition in dairy product production, and would like to give some visual recall to that in the banners covering the stand and shop area.
- The all production chain will be visible. That means that the mozzarella will be also produced on-site at the stand in front of the client. In order to enhance transparency and increase awarenes on the quality of the product used.

For the Logo I had in mind to use the Green of Danish fields/grasslands, the Red from the danish flag and the white from the milk or mozzarella in order to create a sort of Italian flag. Now this was my first idea but I'm hiring you also to come with someting better that would also fit to the product and to the packaging.
For the visual identity I want to give the idea of tradition, quality, freshness, ecologic.

Please contact me with some ideas and a budget.

Kind regards,
Matteo Bellisario