Looking for a team of article writers who can do 33-77+ articles per day

Looking for a team of article writers who can do 33-77+ articles per day


Job Description

Looking for a team of article writers who can do 33-77+ articles per day

We are looking for the best rates you have.

These articles are to be placed on major news sites in the USA thus quality is absolutely important.

Payment will be daily initially ( first 3 days ) and then weekly
Article delivery needs to be every 24 hours
We need a dedicated account manager in your company who will liason with us at all times via skype.

Again we are looking for the best and lowest rates for this kind of volume but only quality will suffice.

Currently we have a phillipine company writing for us at 3$ per article but we wish to get this rate down further.

Articles need to comply with the following guidelines:

- Unique/ original content only

- Relevant

- 0 fluff

- Factual and well researched information

- bullet points and summaries of facts and numbers

- No negative statements

- No bold statements like “best”

- Do not mention any competitors

1) Do NOT feature the specific URL being linked to in the articles. For example, if you were about to link to NBC.com using the anchor 'newssites', your article should be about newssites in general, not NBC.com. Then, place the hyperlink in-contextual while using the word 'newssites', for example : ' There are thousands of different <newssites> in the United States'.

2) Keep in mind this content is supposed to be placed on newspapers. Means, no 'blog entry style' articles or pure advertorial style. Our intention is to create natural content that reads well and does not focus on the promoted clients URL.

3) Never directly call out the reader to visit xxx.com for more information. If a URL is used as anchor, an acceptable way to place it would be: 'There are several newssites that publish their news online. NBC for example is running their online publications at http://www.nbc.com in many different languages'

4) Keep the titles of the articles natural. Means, if the anchor is 'payday loans', BAD titles would be: payday loans review, payday loans online, etc.. GOOD titles would be 'A step by step guide to obtain a payday loan' / 'Pros and Cons of online payday loans' / 'Important facts to consider before applying for a short term loan'

5) Do not start several paragraphs with extremely generic phrases like 'The good thing is...', especially not using the same phrase more than once per article. This does not read well.

6) Do not use phrases like 'Do you know what's good about that?', this is a news article, not a personal blogpost

* we are looking to do 4950 articles over the next 3 months.
We will do some test runs with your company if you can handle the volume with perfect quality we will proceed.

Speed sample tests will also be held via skype

****Writing one unique 800 word sample will be a requirement to qualify for this job
Details will be sent via PM
If you do not intend to write the sample

This sample request has been approved by odesk management.
This is NOT free work abuse.

We asked an 800 word sample to identify if they would:
A) Be ready to supply a unique unpublished article so we can verify they can actually write quality content and that it is their own.
B) Be able to write content as needed and on the fly as we need turnaround times of 24 hours or less per batch of 33-77 articles per day.
C) Be willing to show us goodwill in doing a sample which shows us their willingness to obtain this contract with us via odesk.

Skills: academic-writing, writing, test