Web Research for InDoor Play Ground Place

Web Research for InDoor Play Ground Place


Job Description

Target: Indoor playground based concept designed to attract families from babies and toddler to age 10 years, and offering a variety of play events that will target this age group.
Task #1: Consider 4 spaces, one space for 1 play ground for little kids (2 to 5 years old), the second space is for 1 play ground for bigger kids (4 to 9). Find 2 playgrounds for the two spaces, it means find the games will be good for those two areas. I like plastic instead of metal material. Find ones that will be safe, good quality, and good price. Don't make an exausted search in turn of this is the perfect play ground, instead find a decent one.
Provide the price of each play ground. The dimensions and pictures(website), contact information, shipping cost, set up cost(if possible)
Provide me two options for each play ground.

Task #2: For the other 2 spaces, I want you search to get ideas of what to do with the other two spaces. What shape will be (square, rectangular, etc), what size. An idea is to use one space for babies/little ones(6 months to 1 1/2 year old) to crawl safely and make it excited on shapes, colors and games. The four and last space might be something for kids(2 up to 9) to play-learn but different to the other ones. Your ideas are welcome. The kids must be able to entertain themselves in 3 of the four spaces, of course the exception is the baby area.
Provide price of each play ground. The dimensions and pictures(website), contact information, shipping cost, set up cost, etc.
Provide me two options for the 3rd and 4th space.

Task #3: Create a floor plan (sketch, rough drawning) to get an idea how much space is needed in total for the indoor playground project and the total cost. Pick the playgrounds for each area that you think will fit better with the project target.
Include in the floor plan:
- an area for a cafe-bar(cool food like sandwiches, snacks type) where parents can seat and relax while their kids are playing.
- An area for a little shop (small items for kids)
No worries about the dimensions of cafe and store areas, they should be small areas. I just want to see the cafe and shop area in the floor plan. My interest is in the dimensions of the play grounds in total.

Task #4: Find if Starbucks or Cafe Beans or one of those famous coffee shops brands, has a small franchises that has small cart like ones, if they have it how much cost to have one of those, dimensions, contract? for how long, what are the conditions?
if they don't have it, present other option.

Task #5: Search spaces for rent that match with the total dimension of the floor plan (approx.). No need to do an extensive search of the space.
City to look spaces for rent: Santa Clarita, California.
Zip Codes: 91350,91351,91354,91355 and 91381
Provide an overall list of spaces for rent in Santa Clarita with the price (no more than 10)
Pick the best 3 in base area population, space, price, parking space, etc. Provide rent cost, if it is possible find the contract conditions (like downpayment, deposit,...). Also address and if it is possible picture of the 3 places.

Please rephrase each task to confirm understanding before getting started.

Data to be supplied in excel spreadsheet
Tell me what results you have by the end of each day.
Note: the project can be done in 5 hours frame. Please, submit a realistic bid so I can go ahead and hire you. Thank you.