UI Design and Build of Javascript Technical Application

UI Design and Build of Javascript Technical Application


Job Description

We are looking for a company to help us with some development work.

We need to build a front-end for our risk visualisation and management application. The application is based on a dynamic Java graph application server core which is wrapped in IKVM and then wrapped again to provide a REST/JSON interface.

Now we need to find someone with a fantastic aesthetic and the technical and architectural muscle who can build the javascript front end. This has to be a beautiful, usable rocket which makes users want to interact with it, allows them to perform complex tasks simply, reduces clutter and provides brilliant and flexible BI results.

The first step would be to help us design the UI and then transition directly into building the functionality for viewing and then editing according to the dynamic object rules and properties.

We are thinking of using toolkits like DOJO (http://dojotoolkit.org/), or Kendo with the main grid coming from EJS Tree Grid (http://www.treegrid.com/treegrid/www/Index.html#), and the graph design/visualisation tool coming from GoJS (http://www.nwoods.com/components/canvas/gojs-samples.htm). We also need to be able to support offline support into the application.

As well, we would like to get some more Java Swing support, to help with the maintenance of the legacy application, if that’s available.

The successful company/team/person(s) need to be able to demonstrate a rock-solid track record in developing gorgeous, technical applications for technical as well as lay users using mainstream javascript libraries and create a scalable, stable, maintainable and flexible package which will run on desktops and then later on tablets, and phones.

The initial contract will be for the front build and deployment and prior to completion, a subsequent contract will be entered into for on-going support, upgrades and maintenance.

If you think you have what we might be looking for, please let us and we'll be in contact with you. We want to move quickly and get this started.

Skills: design, json