Ecommerce Consultant


Job Description

Looking for eCommerce consultant to provide comparisons of eCommerce hosting providers that can be integrated with my website. (Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc.)

I need a solution / suggestions for drop-shipping products appropriate to my industry that do not require prior purchase of inventory. The selected candidate must prepare a spreadsheet or supporting information to provide comparisons of ecommerce hosting providers, features, pricing, etc.

Then the product research must be conducted along with specifics of drop-shipping arrangements and automation of orders. Automation is important to me, so that I don't have to spend time managing orders and shipping.

- Fluent English skills
- High level of E-commerce experience
- Familiarity with all major providers and features
- Knowledge of drop-shipping solutions to eliminate the need for inventory and in-house shipping
- Ability to research industry-specific products available for drop-shipping.

Ongoing opportunities:
- Provided that we find the appropriate products and solution, we will need ongoing support to set up and upload product data to the ecommerce site, and possible assistance with website integration (Wordpress CMS).

Skills: research