Entertainment site


Job Description

This specific site is an entertainment site.
I don’t it want my like to look like any other site out there but you may look at these sites: MTV.com BET.com kompamagazine.com , basekompa.com , kompaparis.com , sakpaseatlanta.com , everythinghaitian.com , kitelmache.net .
I want my site to be better than them in term of look, functionality, and ease of use.

What I need for the site:
1 - A rotating banner where I can put fliers
2 – A news section
3 – A celebrities sections to put celebrities and a little description about each 1 we add
4 – Artist of the month section – but I want to allow people to vote for the next artist of the month and make suggestion
5 – A did you know section
6 – A poll section
7 – A music request section, be able to have to requested song
8 – Video link
9 – An event section – where people can click on an event get the information about it like date, club, address, and be able to buy ticket for the event
10 – Live music streaming
11 – Artist or band can upload there songs
12 – Google ad sense all over the site
13 – Facebook – YouTube –Twitter – Instagram – MySpace
14 – A Photo gallery where people can upload event pictures – but each picture need approval
15 – A contact page
16 – A mailing list
17 – A forum – with advertisement where I can have fliers between the posts – take a look at this post from one of the site http://kompamagazine.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=41280&sid=18745b27cd9157596a0e08dd98a03924
18 – I want to collect visitors information – demographic, country, IP address, user name, email address, phone number etc. to a exportable DB
19 – Free promotion where – promoters, band, artist can post there flier for but free poster must be approved and you must have a user name and password to post
20 – Registration form
21 – Music and Video promotion section

I have Joomla v 2.59 install on the server but if you want a different CMS let me know. I need to know how long it will take to design.
I would like to see a few sites that you work on before.

Skills: banner, video, facebook, youtube, myspace