Illustrated Logo Design - Woodland activities for families

Illustrated Logo Design - Woodland activities for families


Job Description

We are a small company offering woodland activities for families. We would like a new logo for a standalone parent and toddler group that we run in the woods.

Each session we get up to crafts, camp fire cooking, nature activities and singing around the camp fire. The name of the group is 'Tots in the Woods'.

Here are a few of our initial design concepts:

·Perhaps have 'Tots' as the main, large part of the logo, with 'in the Woods' almost like a strapline underneath that

·We want the 'brand' to be playful and child-oriented. We'd really like an illustrated logo, with handwritten words

·Perhaps play with the word 'Tots' so that one or both of the 't's are like trees. Perhaps have a simple rope swing from the branch of one of the trees?

·We'd like to incorporate some simple illustrated children (very small), either peering out of the 'o' of Tots or playing in the foreground

·Colour Palette - British Woodland Colours, such as: Dark Oak Tree, Walnut Tree, Canopy Green, Autumn Orange colours.

Ideally, we'd like each designer to produce one logo close to the above brief, and then one alternative of their own choosing.

Target Market
Families with children under 5s, childminders, Nurseries and Kindergartens.

Deadline - Saturday 13th, July.
Please send us 1 to 3 examples of your work with your application if you are interested. Candidates without examples of their work will not be considered for this job.

Thank you,