Job Description

I am an internet marketing entrepreneur.Most of my keywords are already on the first page but I need them to be on the in the number one position.

I have many sites and videos that I am looking to rank on the number one, spot of google.

I am not looking for my sites to be on the number one page but I want them to be on the top 3 spot.

I do SEO myself but I just don't have time for it that is why I am looking for a worker.

I am willing to hire an SEO expert for $250 a month to take care of most of my SEO work.

You must be in communication with me on a daily basis.

I am only looking for people who has experience in SEO, so you must send me samples of your past work with the link building report.

You must provide me the report to work with me.

I only Pay for results. NO UPFRONT, I have been scammed before.