Job Description

ExploreGate offers a unique "one stop shop"approach in the corporate training market. Crowd sourced experts content is combined with learning management & social tools to offer online interactive training environment targeting SMB's

Our customers can enjoy a set of tools that enable managers and training administrators to easily answer the internal and external training needs of the organization. Training programs can be tailored and designated to individual employees or groups of employees or even to external partners and customers (thus cutting on training and operational costs), the programs' status and progress can be easily monitored, the organization can utilize the relevant ExploreGate's videos (currently more than 1,100 videos on various technology topics offered by leading academia and industry experts) or upload its own content (to a privately secured zone if they choose so), the "knowledge performance" of the individuals or the organization can be bench-marked to other relevant companies.

ExploreGate would like to have two videos to be placed on our site -
1. Corporate presentation video - need to deliver the main messages of ExploreGate - will be embedded on our homepage, can be a video or animation
2. Product video - explanatory video describing out training tool to potential subscribers - presenting the main features & screen captures

We are looking for a complete solution including script writing (mainly for the corporate video), narration, etc.

Skills: video