Fitness Videos


Job Description

Bodyclay Sculpting (BCS) creates exercise and nutrition videos for internet companies all-over-the-world. These videos demonstrate proper form or outline nutritional recommendations to the clients demand.

I want to hire someone who can film fitness videos at a gym and or fitness studio (ie. yoga/exercise/dance room). This person will need an HD video camera, a lapel microphone, and the charisma, energy, muscles, and fitness knowledge to create exercises videos. 

Most videos will demonstrate exercises done up to 2 minutes in duration. However, there will also be other videos that are up to 10 minutes in length. 

Weekly video requests will be sent to you to record. Once they are finished, they will be uploaded into an online shared folder. You will be paid per video. If you can also edit the video, you will be paid more money

Here is a description of what is typically offered to customers:

Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced Exercises
Difficulty Level
1. Difficultly Level 1 (Beginner): Foundation Exercises
2. Difficulty Level 2 (Intermediate): Isolation and Resistance Exercises
3. Difficulty Level 3 (Advanced): Eccentric, Resistance, and Isolation Exercises
Video Structure
• Equipment needed (ie: Chair, Resistance bands, Water Bottle, or Exercise. Ball) 
• Demonstration of each exercise, informing the audience of the following:
1) target areas of the workout routine
2) the proper technique
3) the amount of times the circuit will be repeated.
• Each exercise will be performed 
• Reps, Duration and intensity indicated

***A list of exercises is often provided for clients to choose from or create an outline for an exercise program. These videos can be used for fitness websites or personal exercise use, only.

If interested, I would like to see some pictures of your physique and know more about your experience in the fitness industry, if any. You do not need to have extensive exercise experience. However, you must be able to create a video similar to this: