Buddy Press Expert needed for contest site

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Seeking dedicated developers to help with our highly customized site which is already live.

I need you go to work immediately and I need you to stay focused on my project. Distracted programmers with 5 or more other pots on the stove need not apply.

I will be conducting quick interviews to find the right person. I'm looking for excellent communication skills and a positive attitude, but more than anything you must be a real Buddypress expert because I need you to work fast.

I've been a project manager for a long time and I can code myself so I know how long it should take to do things. Of course I understand if you need to do some research for specific things that are not standard, but I can not afford to bankroll your education. If you are doing research to learn something new, you are not billing me for it.

You will also need to be comfortable using the console to access out Amazon AWS server if you run into permissions issues. Amazon AWS experience is a plus. Hopefully you have enough experience with servers to help me troubleshoot and deal with some issues we are having.

We have a highly customized site built on Buddypress. Its purpose is to host talent competitions whereby contestants upload their user generated content and other users vote for their entries. I can provide more details in the interview and after I hire you. MOST of the work is already done. You will be jumping in in the middle.

Remaining tasks include:
• Fixing page specific og: meta data for custom Facebook share buttons that appear throughout the site. Each page type (including custom post types) needs to pull data from different data points specific to that page.
• Re-design and expand functionality of dashboard views. These will be different according to user type. Already wireframed
• Build a admin panel that looks more like the front end of the site so a custom user type (similar to a standard WP editor role) can approve submissions. Already wire-framed.
* develop another separate admin panel for judges to score entries
• integrate Twitter and facebook login options.
• Carefully extract all the custom code which previous devs just slapped into the default buddypress theme into a child them so that we can actually upgrade buddypress to the most current version

1) You to be available to work 40 hours per week for work and available anytime to answer questions and give me a requested update. Willingness to work extended hours on weekends if nessesary.
2) Daily updates though email and the user of Zoho Projects
3) Clear communication
4) Clean, secure code NO SHORTCUTS!
5) And inquisitive mind. If you are questioning me or think you have a better idea about how to do something PLEASE tell me.
6) Never leaving a task half finished on the production server.
7) Think first about conflicts and ask my permission before upgrading any underlying software.
8) You only bill me for productive time.

We are in the middle of out alpha test now and are in constat need of hot-fixes for issues as they crop up, so you must be mindful of the fact that it is a live production server. Regular backups must be made and data integrity is of the upmost importance. I can provide a cloned dev environment where you can be more experimental too.

Your role will continue into the next (beta) development phase as we develop additional features and functionality and respond to bugs and user feedback. So this will be a long term job, but we need immediate help TODAY. If you are ready and willing, please apply.