Setup a Cron Job

Setup a Cron Job


Job Description

I acquired a script called FiverrScript.

Its installation instructions require to perform the following task:

"Setup a cron job on your server to run once every hour of every day.
The command to run will be in the following format:


Where PATH-TO-PHP is the local path on your server to php and
FULL-LOCAL-PATH-TO-DOMAIN is the full local path on your server to where
you have the script installed.

You will need to contact your web host if you do not know how to create a
cron job on your server, as it varies depending on the control panel your
web host uses."

As I've not been able to perform this task, not event after asking the software developer and my webhosting company (dreamhost), maybe I'll be more successful asking to oDesk experts.

Please apply if you know how to perform this task, detailing which information will you need to complete this task.

P.D. I would prefer not to share my passwords.

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