Indesign 2 Word template

Indesign 2 Word template


Job Description

I designed a Newsletter in Indesign that needs to be rebuild in Word as Word-template

The Word tempalte needs:
- to be a continious document
- have stylesheets

Continious document:
the document should be composed by sections (with different layout). A section can have several pages but must be followed directly with the next section (no new page when a new section starts). For example: when a section ends halfway a page, the next section should directly follow it on that same page.

All text should be formatted by Stylesheets, so when a different user works on the document, it is assured that everybody uses the same typographic rules and styles.

Please answer only when you have a throughough knowledge of Word and have extensive experience.

A price offer or expected workhours is required!

Attached is the document that needs to be 'converted' to Word.


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