iOS / Android Apps for Fantasy Sport Games


Job Description


My company produces online fantasy (manager) style sport games and predictor sport games. Some examples of our work can be seen at: - Fantasy Football game based on EPL - Fantasy F1 game based on F1 2013 season - Fantasy football game based on EPL

The games are based on real life sport events and are at a high level prediction games, where game players pick the real life players who then score 'fantasy points', based on their real-life perfomances. the 'fantasy manager' who accrues the highest points is the winner.

Our business model is we build a 'sample game' and then then customise the game for multiple clients, charging each client to run. We work with sponsors within sport and publishers/broadcasters.

We are looking at sourcing a developer or network of developers who will become our 'preferred' partners in developing our games onto iphone, ipad, android, windows native apps.

We are currently opening up our API so the game logic will be managed through the API, but need specialists in developing the UI, front-end/presentation layer for native apps (predominantly for iPhone/iPad/Android market - phone & tablet).

Skills: games, football, ipad