HTML Web-based Puzzle

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Job Description

SUDOKION is a new range of hand-made spatial-logic puzzles.
The puzzles are currently held in
registers of 18 to 22 (MS Excel 2000) worksheets, with each worksheet
usually containing 32 to 48 puzzles. Every puzzle has a unique category
number, and all puzzles on the worksheet are arranged in a prescribed
The project requires the completion of various tasks.
Your first two tasks concern the development of a web-based puzzles game
Your first task is to transform the puzzles in the SUDOKION registers into
workable WBGs. Your second task is to create a flexible, smart, "portal"
within which the registers will be held. The purpose of the portal is (1) to
allow media organisations to access an agreed number and range of WBGs for
daily/weekly distribution to newspapers, magazines, etc and (2) to allow
access to private individuals who pay a subscription for access to an agreed
number of WBGs across an agreed range. The portal should keep track of the
WBGs downloaded by media organisations and subscribers, ensuring no
repetition. (Currently we have over 40,000 puzzles located in 92 registers.
More registers are created as new puzzles are added to the collection. And
as they are created the new registers will be uploaded to the portal.)
Your third (optional) task is development of a "SUDOKION app" for
mobile/cell phones and tablets, using as a base the technology developed for
the WBG.
To assist you understand your tasks you will find a sample register at: and a catalogue of almost
the whole range of SUDOKION at: