iPhone Application Needed

iPhone Application Needed


Job Description

Dear All,

we need a mobile application for iPhone and Android both, but first we wants to go with iPhone application, interested candidate please check the specification.

BASCRM iPhone/Android Application Specification

My Contacts

1.) Add/edit/delete New contact to your address book
2.) Sync. Online contacts with the application and, sync your phone contacts with the CRM
3.) View profile of the contacts
4.) View emails of the contacts (those email which came to the CRM DATABASE)
5.) View meetings with the contacts (those meetings which is done in the CRM Calendar)
6.) Send email to the contact from his/her profile, book meeting with the contact, assign task to the contact, view business card
7.) Change and update pic.
8.) Make phone call to the customer (Standard charges will be apply as per your mobile plans)

My Email

1.) Configure New Email account (The email will be configured into BASCRM Database).
2.) Set default / update configured email / delete identity.
3.) Sync emails from BASCRM database if the emails are already configured.
4.) Create new Email, Reply, Reply all, Forward Email.
5.) Push Notification for automatic email receiving.
6.) Search Email from CRM database.
7.) Create new folder/Category and sync it with online/desktop version.
8.) Move emails to the folders, Assign category.
9.) Flag/ Unflag / Read/ unread/ delete Emails.
10.) Add new email to the contact list.

My Calendar

1.) View Calendar in Day/Week/Month/List View
2.) Create New Appointment/Task/Event/Reminder
3.) View details of Appointment/Task/Event/Reminder
4.) Edit Appointments
5.) Send calendar invitation to the user.
6.) View notification of who accepted the invitation/ who decline and who gave tentative reply.
7.) View location
8.) Drag events to change the time, event date.


1.) Add Customers/Edit
2.) Search customer
3.) View customer profile
4.) Add customers contacts and view profile/view/edit/delete/search
5.) Send emails to the customers registered email, book meeting, create task, view/send business card.
6.) Send emails to the customer’s contacts on registered email, book meeting, create task, view/send business card.
7.) Add/ Update billing details of the customers.
8.) View invoice (PDF/HTML)

Skills: mobile-application-development

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