Scientific Report writing assistant

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Job Description

We have an entire thesis worth of notes which are currently jumbled, or cut and paste, and we would like an experienced academic writer to edit and reword the reports one at a time so that each one flows and makes sense.

The successful applicant will be employed to edit and restructure up to 10 separate reports from original source note files. Each source note file will be around 2000 - 3000 words in length. The attached file is an example of some of the source notes you will need to rework into a coherent report/section.

Please do not waste time telling us your middle name, what your favourite computer is or who you work for - all we need to see for this project is:
1) how long this sample file takes you
2) what your hourly rate is
3) your academic and report writing background
and 4) submit a reworded version of the attached

Any applicants who fail to adhere to the 4 points above in their application will be REJECTED IMMEDIATELY.

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