Job Description

Aulac Gallery is specialising in selling high quality painitngs at most affordable prices.The website address is ""

I wish to advertise on commercial radio.

My target audiance is 30 to 80 years old financially well of people who are in the habbit of purchasing artwork for home decaration purposes or for investment or wish to commemorate significant familyr events like weddings, new born baby, birthdays, graduation, 18th and 21st birthdays, bar mitzvahs.

I need unique, creative advertising which catches the attention of my target audience and motivates them to visit our on line showroom or the physical showroom with the objective of spending money on purchasing paintings preferably house lots or more than just one.

The average price of our paintings varies between $ 350 to $ 800 and falls into the category of real value for money which enables the customer to get hold of real artistic value and most eye catching beautiful paintings at a fraction of the price they would expect. Most art galleries sell these types of painitngs at $ 2,000 plus prices and the limit is the sky.

I need 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds long advertisements suitable for commercial radio.