Deal analysis Lead

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Required job duties:

- Following specific instructions (i.e. going to websites, extracting data as instructed, inputting data to excel)
- Consolidating data from multiple excel files into one summary file
- Emailing as per instructions
- Must be committed to job, and efficient
- Be able to learn quickly and think on feet


- Must possess good english skills for reading on website, and understanding email/telephone instructions
- Must be very familiar with excel
- Independent worker - should take initiative to understand on own


- The candidate must prove above mentioned skills in a test style interview where they will be asked to perform certain tasks. Only successful candidates who pass the first round of interview will be included in final short-listing.

About the company:

Streetwise Homes is a start up real estate company. We are looking for talented individuals and employees who are strong willed and have leadership skills. This is not a short term job, but a long term contract.
Career progression will include multiple deal analysis, and in a few months time, managing & leading a group of data analysis experts for Streetwise Homes.

Skills: english, test, leadership