15 Autoresponder Emails - Online Marketing Topics

15 Autoresponder Emails - Online Marketing Topics


Job Description


Write 15 email autresponder messages.
Messages will be 250-350 words.

I am looking for a copywriter who knows how to write email autoresponder messages.

These messages will speak to local business owners that just downloaded one of my free reports on why they need to use Online Marketing in their business... will touch on topics such as Reputation Management, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Email Marketing, and more.

The goal of these messages is to get local business owners to contact me about using my services...

This is a simple job for the right person and will also be a long-term relationship with the right person.


Must be a native English speaker, or be able to write great English
Must be able to meet deadlines
Must be a great communicator

When you apply:

Please provide samples of your email autoresponder work
Please tell me the approximate time it will take you to complete the work.

I am hiring based on SKILLS so if you require more compensation than the budget shows, please do not hesitate to still apply as long as you have solid samples to show.

Thank you!

Skills: marketing, english, management, video

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