Sales by Phone to Doctors by Territory

Sales by Phone to Doctors by Territory


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced sales professional (preferably someone who has sold to doctors before). You will be calling physicians (no list is given to you) in a region to sell free and paid services. We would like you to have excellent english and know how to close on a deal. You should be enthusiastic and start creating relationships with these physicians/doctors. You will keep a record of all of your calls. You will need your own microphone and broadband.

The individual will need to work under the EST time zone hours of 9am-5pm. The job will entail:

1. Calling new people every day with a script that will be provided and selling our services
2. Relying on Google Maps to determine location of customers
3. Entering data into Microsoft Excel with a template provided

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has strong English and communication skills
2. Understands phone and email etiquette and does not violate these principles
3. Is familiar with Microsoft Excel
4. Is available between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday through Friday

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your experience with telemarketing and specifically, selling and closing deals
2. Your proficiency with Microsoft Excel
3. Your availability during the work week (M-F) between 9am – 5pm PST

About the company

We are a healthcare firm that manages and sells profiles for Physicians.

Skills: english, customer-relations