Mobile Application Development


Job Description

Please find the details below for the Mobile Application Development:

OS Specification

IOS: All Devices
Blackberry: All Devices
Android: All Devices
Windows: All Devices

Display Languages

a) Arabic
b) English
c) Hindi
d) Urdu
e) Malayalam
f) Tagalog

Input Languages

a) Arabic
b) English


a) Homepage (About the company) - Static
b) About the Brand - Static
c) Menu Card with Order Placement (no e-commerce) - Dynamic (Need to be changed frequently)
d) News & Updates - Dynamic (Need to be changed frequently)
e) Feedback Form
f) Contact Us - Static


a) The application needs to be compatible with all the above mentioned Mobile Operating Systems and all the devices running those operating system.
b) Login Page is not required for the application.
c) In order placement, e-Commerce need not be integrated as the user will be picking up the product from store directly by paying cash at the store.
d) No reference app as such which can be referred.
e) The content translations will be provided in the display languages mentioned above.
f) Backend needs to be provided in-order to update the dynamic content which requires changes frequently.