English to Spanish Teaching App

English to Spanish Teaching App


Job Description

iPhone,Android,Cross-Platform Mobile apps-

We are looking to have a english/spanish language teaching app developed.

Here’s what we’d like to see in an Hola! app, as seen from a user (customer)

1. A cover page with the Hola! logo and “Spanish Conversations” (in
Handwriting Dakota font), along with the title of each module (eg, “Module 1
– Meet & Greet);

2. When the free module is downloaded & opened, a clip of music with a Latin
theme is played (examples: http://www.audiosparx.com)

3. In Module 1, a 45r second “Introduction to Hola! Spanish Conversations” is
read (audio); it would go something like this:

“...Hola! You are about to engage in a Spanish language learning experience which is
interesting, fun and productive.

Hola! Offers a unique combination of visual and audio tools which will assist in
helping you learn what to say and how to say it, as well as understanding what is
being said or asked when someone else is speaking.

The course is organized into modules which are built around specific themes. Each
theme is self-contained and represents a “mini-class” of its own.

This module is “Meet and Greet” describes the conversation people have in ANY
language when they are getting to know each other. It is free.

If you like what you see and hear, download additional modules, which are available
at a low cost of $ 1.99/each.

Muchas Gracias....”

4. A user would then click to page 1 in Module 1. The English “Hello, my name is
John, what is yours?” is read. Then the Spanish translation is read.
5. Upon clicking to page 2 (and subsequent pages) the same process is
repeated, first English and then the Spanish translation.
6. Upon arriving at pages 29 and 30, a short intro is given explaining that we
are pleased to present a summary of phrases and terms used in the Module
(page 29) and of the verbs, including the 5 tenses which would apply to each

Reading slowly, each module of 30 cards would take approx 8 minutes to read...so
maybe we allow 10 minutes, for pauses, intros, music, etc

Skills: english, teaching, iphone-development