Flashcard test practice for Real Estate Exams application


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Andriod Expert for Mobil and Tablet

Flashcard test practice for Real Estate Exams application

I have several series of tests and questions for different versions of tests
*) State Specific Questions
*) National Questions
*) Agent geared questions
*) Broker geared questions

All designed around helping students pass the license testing requirements for becoming a real estate agent or broker.

I'd like to turn these series of questions / answers into a flash card type testing application for a mobile device.

I envision a common interface with different test sets that can be purchased for the common interface. So if a student wanted the national test database and a specific state they could purchase that, and if they wanted to get their broker license at some point we could extend their question database to also include broker questions.

I'd like the ability to
1) have flash card random questions asked from all of their questions
2) have flash card random questions from a specific data set
3) perhaps have multiple choice questions with answers pulled from adjacent data questions

I probably need an interface to edit questions / answers, or some way of pulling up the data to edit for mistakes. Perhaps the application could pull data from a CSV file. If something like that was utilized this application could potential be expanded to include other types of test / flashcard questions and answers. GRE / grad school etcetra.